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It's the Little Things You Miss 

Raymond Jaye figured fourteen years as a cop prepared him for anything he could encounter as a private eye. He was wrong.
Eric Tanner was missing. That much was true. But was he really in danger, or just nuts?
Erica Tanner, Eric’s headstrong twin sister, begins her search by hiring some help. All Ray has to do is watch her back while she follows Eric’s trail of cryptic notes all over town. A trail that crosses paths with a killer.
Is Eric imagining things, or is he hiding because he saw the murder?
Once the gunfire starts, Ray falls back to what he knows and sets off to get one step ahead of a desperate man.
He should have tried for two.

Being one step ahead is the perfect position for a knife in the back. Death - For some, the words are not so much a vow as an exit strategy.

Following an injury that forced him to leave his job as a police detective in Detroit, Raymond Jaye went freelance. As a newly licensed private investigator in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ray assumed he’d be tracking down frauds and con artists, not murderers. He was wrong.

Barbara Manetti admitted to her husband that she’d been having an affair, and named Ray as her lover. Three hours later, she’s found sprawled on her kitchen floor in a pool of blood from a knife wound on her neck. Murder is a job for the police, but tracking down her real lover is something a PI could do without stepping on any official toes. That is, until the investigation ties her to Ray’s life back in Detroit.

Ray begins to see her plan, and it raises two questions. Why would a woman he’d never known want to see him dead? And who knows Ray well enough to kill for him?

In this, the second of the Raymond Jaye stories, Ray finds himself up to his collar in suspects, while the only person that really knew what was supposed to happen lies on a cold, steel slab.

Cue the Sax

Soon-to-be private investigator Raymond Jaye has a couple of problems. One is a sopping wet blonde who just beat on his door then collapsed into his arms trying to pass him a message. The other is that he has no idea who she is or why she thought his carpet would be a good place to pass out.

Guided by the experience of fourteen years as a Detroit cop and the attitude of the Old Time Radio detectives, he follows the meager trail of clues she left behind. Along the way, he swaps wisecracks with a surly local cop and trades punches with a pair of thugs before ending up face to face with the man behind it all. A man willing to kill to keep his secrets.

If Ray can get through the next twenty-four hours, he just might be able to open for business. In the meantime, the show is about to begin. Cue the Sax.

This story, like everything featuring Ray, is done in the sort of hard boiled sort of campy style of the Old Time Radio program, The Adventures of Sam Spade. That’s not to say that this is a clone of those, merely that the humor from that style of program is used as much as the darker aspects.

Ray was raised on those old shows, and as I explained in a blog post at the start of 2012, owes much of his fictional existence to them as well. They shaped who he is as a man, and a character.

This is the introductory story in what I hope will be a long run of longer stories, ranging from short ones, like this, to full novels. Many will be novella length. I plan to run them from classic detective style tales to classic whodunit cozies, with a blend of the two being more standard.

I hope you like it and feel free to let me know.

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